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Private Training Testimonials

Dr Rob,

Consultant Haematologist, Capital Coast District Health, Testimonial 2016.

Alan, Lecturer,

Victoria University of Wellington

Testimonial 2015.

Diane's warm and easy going demeanor made stepping out of one's comfort zone easy and helped me get the most out of the training.  I would describe the course as similar to singing lesson but that it enriches and fine tunes your speaking voice.  

Krystal, Promo Editor, The Project, Auckland, 4 September 2019

I found this to be a self-finding journey that has brought new perspectives of myself and this world.  I valued the fact that Diane encouraged me to break free of my self-controlling regulations and become more comfortable performing.  

Bob Li, Manager, Ernst & Young, Wellington, January 2019

I completely enjoyed this course.   There were lots of practical techniques and practice audios.  I recommend this course to anyone who is interested in public speaking.  

Wei, Technical Director, Weta Digital, Wellington, November 2018

Excellent course!  Diane tailored the course to my needs and got me to think about what and how I was saying it.  I valued understanding the process behind the vocal system and learning to listen to myself.

John, Broadcast Meteorologist, MetService, Wellington, March 2018

I valued the roundness of Diane's training which covered a full range of topics often not covered in other presentation skills training.   Suzanne, Award Winning Wellington Author, 27 June 2017

Diane's Voice and Performance training not only changed the way I speak, it changed the way I see myself and the world around me.  Through learning how to cultivate an engaging and energetic sound, I also learned to appreciate the power of the voice and how this shapes your interactions with people, and your life experiences.


I followed this course with her communication training which was a natural progression after laying the foundations with the voice and performance work.  The first course will leave you with a sense of self expansion and the communication course will equip you with the tools to relate to others, deal with conflict, and exist in a more resourceful state. 


Diane's approach is methodical and professional.  Her learning material is well-paced and clearly delivered; her calm teaching environment, depth of knowledge, and understanding manner puts the learner at ease; and most importantly the training delivers valuable life skills, relevant to all of us.  I strongly recommend Diane's training courses to everyone.  Angela, Marketing, Etheridge Trading, 11 March 2015.

Thanks Diane, you have been a consummate professional.  Friendly, focused and fierce - all in good measure - a great combination for a coach!


You have expanded my knowledge and understanding and been generous with sharing your resources - I appreciate this!


I valued learning to listen to my voice and recognise/analyse areas for change.  The exercises were challenging and ultimately rewarding!  The other day I explained to my colleague that the traning helps to identify the parts of your voice and speaking that bug/bother you and create room for improvement through a series of exercises that lead to improvement.  Pamela, CEO, Prefab New Zealand, 20 April 2015.

Diane Radford changed my life.  It is because of her and her programme that I can proudly say I have the confidence in myself, despite my very obvious speech impediment to speak anywhere.  Ten years with her has given me skills, confidence and the ability to speak with confidence and precision. 


Before I came to her, my own parents could barely understand me and my dribbling was almost chronic.  My severly underdeveloped jaw and tongue made clear speech nigh impossible, but after going through Diane's intensive programme I can boast the achievement of a Wellington Regional Senior Premier A Debating Champion as well as achieving my ATCL Performer's Diploma in Speech and Drama.


Diane has provided me with so much more than a healthier jaw and clearer speech, but she has given me a whole-rounded education in the body, the mind and soul.  I would highly recommend Diane to anyone who wants to gain skills or confidence in the field of public speaking and can guarantee that you will get so much more than you bargained for. Thank you Diane Radford,

Thank you for everything.  Bart, November 2014.


I have valued Diane's holistic and positive approach.  It has been a wonderful exploration of how the voice, mind and body are connected.  Diane is very skilled in using her skills, knowledge and expertise to target whatever it is that you need to move forward.  She listens and directs her program to meet your exact needs.  I love the audios; they are an excellent tool to help you practise and you will always have them to use.  Diane's positivity will motivate and inspire you to achieve what you set out to do.  Thanks Diane.  Natasha, Primary School Teacher, 23 January 2014.

Dear Diane


I would like to thank you for your enormous help and effort through all my speech and drama lessons with you.  English is not my mother tongue and I remember that before I had my first lesson with you in February 2006, I always had problems with my pronunciation and articulation, and of course, I was not a confident English speaker.  You have been my greatest speech and drama teacher ever, who continues to help me to become more and more confident and articulate over the years.  My ultimate goal to become a confident and articulate English speaker, especially in my position as a university lecturer.  


I appreciate not only the valuable technical skills that i have learnt from you but also the continuous encouragement and inspiration which have helped me to get through all the difficult training stages.  I was over the moon when I received the Honours results for the Oral Communication in English for Speaker of Other Languages exam in December 2010 and for the Speech and Drama Grade 8 exam in December 2012.  I look forward to continuing Speech and Drama at Diploma level.


Warm regards

Dr Truong
Senior Lecturer in Accounting
Victoria University of Wellington
10 January 2013

Dear Diane


I thought I would email my training feedback to you.  I thought you would be interested to know that in my last assignment, where I submitted a DVD of myself working with a client. The lecturer commented that there was a noticeable difference in my energy, presence, and affect, and that I was much more responsive to, and connected with, the client. I feel sure this is entirely attributable to my training with you, Diane, and I can’t thank you enough (I also got an A in the assignment!). I can definitely ‘feel’ a difference in how I am able to relate to people – I have far more options for how to use my voice and body, and the confidence to try them out. I really had no idea how important these things are until now -  which is silly really, when you consider that so much of our communication is non-verbal – and your catch-phrase “you are your voice” holds much more meaning for me now.


So yes, I got exactly what I had hoped for, thank you. I’m only sorry that we cannot continue with more training.  It has been especially useful to have the sound files so that I can practise. Your energy is encapsulated in these files. It reminds me of what I need to aim for.


Kind regards



Counselling Trainee

1 February 2012


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