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Speech and Drama Testimonials

Parent feedback

You have worked miracles with Grace!  Thank you.
The learnings she has had from voice and performance classes have been a significant part of her development into the young woman she has become.  She is lucky to have been given great skills to help her communicate well in her adult life. 

Thanks for being that constant adult support for Grace, and now Renske.   Maree, September 2019.

I wanted to say "thank you very much for all your hard work and effort that you did with Spencer, he was absolutely shocked with his mark, as he didn't believed that he could pass his speech exam.  When the result came in and he got a 'merit" it really made him realize that he did really well.  So thank you very much from the bottom of my heart - It was really good to see him believe in himself and be proud of the effort he had done in your classes.  Victoria, February 2019.

Diploma achievers' feedback

I valued the variety of theoretical vocal concepts in Diane's training that helped me understand my voice better.  This training is useful for developing your technique and getting a diploma too!  Dryw, LTCL Performer Candidate 2019.

Speech and Drama is about improving/enhancing your ability to act and speak through performing a range of pieces such as prose, poetry and play extracts, as well as impromptu and prepared speeches.  Every aspect of the course is laid out fantastically and I gained the expertise I need for my future career through four years of training with Diane.  Madeline, ATCL Performer 2016.

I really enjoyed the confidence that this course gave me in performing.  I also loved learning about how to create a character for performance.  This is an incredibly worthwhile course that I would love to do again!  Thank you for all your perseverance and encouragement, and for making every Thursday afternoon fun and something to look forward to!  Thank you so much Diane for an amazing year! 
Eva, ATCL Performer 2015

I valued the time spent on vocal development and incorporating drama methods and techniques to develop my character pieces through different perspectives which deepened my performance. The training covered all aspects of the diploma exam thoroughly.  Speech and Drama is a great way to improve your speaking in a challenging but fun way, and learning new things about drama extended my knowledge and skills.   Tasmyn, ATCL Performer 2015

I valued the confidence that Speech & Drama gave me in both public speaking and acting, but more importantly, the self-confidence that the training has given me.  The course is fun as well as learning-based and its gives you invaluable skills for the rest of your life.  Maisie ATCL Performer 2014

Diane Radford changed my life.  It is because of her and her programme that I can proudly say I have the confidence in myself, despite my very obvious speech impediment to speak anywhere.  Ten years with her has given me skills, confidence and the ability to speak with confidence and precision. 


Before I came to her, my own parents could barely understand me and my dribbling was almost chronic.  My severly underdeveloped jaw and tongue made clear speech nigh impossible, but after going through Diane's intensive programme I can boast the achievement of a Wellington Regional Senior Premier A Debating Champion as well as achieving my ATCL Performer's Diploma in Speech and Drama.


Diane has provided me with so much more than a healthier jaw and clearer speech, but she has given me a whole-rounded education in the body, the mind and soul.  I would highly recommend Diane to anyone who wants to gain skills or confidence in the field of public speaking and can guarantee that you will get so much more than you bargained for. 


Thank you Diane Radford. Thank you for everything.  Bart ATCL Performer 2014

I valued the safe environment.  I looked forward to every lesson and everything I needed was covered plus more!  For the exams, I was always prepared and ready, and I feel more professional  as a performer.  I learnt so much and gained so much as a performer and as a person.  Thank you Diane !!!  Pasquale LTCL Performer 2013

I valued being able to choose a programme which worked well for me and which I really enjoyed.  It was great fun, and incredibly useful in developing acting, public speaking, debating and general performance skills!  Jack ATCL Performer 2013



Eva Johnson receiving her
ATCL Diploma

Maisie Prior receiving her
ATCL Diploma

Bart English receiving his
ATCL Diploma

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