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Staff training testimonials

Comments on Presentation Skills training Antipodes New Zealand Staff 2016

The presentation skills training was very enjoyable and gave me valuable tools which I can use for work and personal communication.  I valued the practice and video feedback, as well as the breathing exercises.  Pieta, International Market Specialist.

I found this training to be a good 'litmus test' for presentation delivery and articulation.  I valued the frank feedback and advice and would like to do more training to practice these skills.   Emily, International Market Specialist.

Comments on Presentation Skills training at Upper Hutt City Council, Library Staff January 2014

This workshop was extremely helpful in reducing my fear of public speaking, and it is surprising how quickly you can become a more confident public speaker when the techniques are delivered and explained so effectively.  Rhea


This workshop is great for opening your mind to new ideas and techniques, helping you build your confidence, and assess different areas of your body to help better your presentation skills.  Melanie


This workshop covers many bases and is great for building confidence.  Great tools for improving speaking.  Diane also demonstrates very well how to do things.  Embodies what she teaches.  Kathryn 


This workshop offers excellent information and techniques for novice speechmakers.  Alison

Comments on Presentation training by Squiz NZ December 2012

This training was relevant to our presentation needs and left us with tools to practise and keep on improving.  It was very practical, comprehensive and a fun way to improve one's presentation skills and general performance with voice.  Patrick, Managing Director, Squiz New Zealand.

Comments on the Voice and Performance workshops for Les Mills Gym Instructors  for training sessions July 2007, 2008, 2009 & 2010 

For the Voice workshop, Diane has researched our product, so she knew what we needed.  Our instructors need great vocals to motivate people to exercise.  I love the way Diane tied everything back into what we do.  "You exercise your bodies, so must exercise and look after your voice."

In the Performance workshop, Diane was able to quickly connect with each instructor's needs and the drills Diane uses are effective, and fun.  Diane pushes you to places you wouldn't normally go but Diane encourages you and also her clever way of re-directing you to the right place, is genius.
Caroline, Group Fitness Manager

Comments on the Voice and Performance workshops for the Ministry of Economic Development Senior Staff November 2007

The Voice workshop was fun, engaging and useful in developing tools that could potentially be quite powerful and influential.  The Performance Workshop was very useful, offers lots of practical hints and makes you aware of things that can be changed.  Martin, Manager

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