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Group Training/Workshops
Voice 1: Developing your Voice 

Develop your voice and confidence for public speaking and presentations.

Discover how to use your voice effectively. 

Learn how the voice works and how to speak with greater projection, energy, range and clarity. 

Voice 2: Speaking Effectively 

What you say = How you say it. 

Learn how to and experiment with speaking effectively
for workplace presentations.

Your expression needs to establish intention and conviction so
your audience is engaged. 

Shape your words with precision to improve your speech clarity.

Be understood the first time for all your presentations.

Ideal for those with 'diction affliction' and

for speakers of other languages who wish to improve their English.

Challenge yourself with speech and brain gym exercises. 

Voice 3: Speaking Clearly
Performance 1: Develop your Presentation Skills 

Develop your presentation skills for all workplace presentations.

Learn how to deal with any fear and
give a centered and energized performance.

Discover your effective speaking style
to establish intention and 

Develop awareness and use of appropriate body signals and
establish rapport with your audience.

Experiment with performance techniques to establish 
qualities to suit the mood and occasion.​

Practice to become a confident and resourceful presenter.

Get creative, devise your own character and develop a group play. 


The play will be performed to friends and family or workmates at the end of the workshop.


Develop your confidence and performance skills

so that you feel confident and enjoy performing to an audience.


Have fun while developing valuable voice and performance skills for life.

Performance 2: Performing for Fun Workshop
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