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"Training with Diane, and using these exercises as my warm-up and maintenance programme, gave me the skills and confidence to perform on 'The Royal Projects', a 6-part documentary for prime-time television in Thailand.  This in turn changed my life!"

Bernd Gill



Voice and Performance Health & Safety Videos for Sale
Are you or your staff practicing Health and Safety compliance with warm-ups for a safe and effective presentation? 

Professional presenters, like performers, warm-up before they speak so that they maintain safe and effective voice production.  Now you can do the same with these Voice and Performance Instructional and Warm-up and Maintenance Exercise Videos:

    01  Introduction.mp4
    02  Instructions.mp4
    03  VoiceWarmUp&Maintenance.mp4
    04  ClearSpeechExercises.mp4
    05  TwistersWithBrainGym.mp4


Upon payment you will receive a download link to a zip-file
which contains the videos above.

Extract the videos and store them on your computer, phone
or tablet.

Please note that the download is only available for 7 days.


Introduction to the Training Videos

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