Qualification training 

Master your voice, speech, performance and communication skills by training for Speech New Zealand or Trinity Guildhall London qualifications.

The training involves a weekly session, during school terms,

for a year or more. 

Speech New Zealand

Speech and Drama Certificate and Diploma Syllabus

Oral Communication in English for Speakers of other Languages Syllabus

Professional Speaking Syllabus

Trinity College London

Acting and Speaking Grade exams and Performance Certificates Syllabus

Diplomas in Drama & Speech Subjects Syllabus

Communication Skills Grade exams and Professional Certificates Syllabus

See the Speech New Zealand or the Trinity College websites
for further syllabus information

or contact Voice and Performance.



More about Speech and Drama

Drama develops all eight intelligences
(kinesthetic, linguistic, spatial, musical, logical,
interpersonal, intrapersonal and naturalistic.) 

You will develop valuable skills for life and have fun. 

Speech and Drama classes are available for students in year 7 and over. 

The classes develop confidence in speaking, acting and presenting
through specialist training in a creative and supportive environment. 

Students study mime, improvisation, acting, storytelling, role play,
interviewing, running commentary, impromptu and prepared speaking,

and master theory and literary text - prose, poetry and drama.

Prospective students are interviewed and matched in groups of 2-4 participants.  The classes run during school terms only. 

Examination material is prepared for Speech New Zealand or
Trinity College examinations in Speech and Drama.


The ultimate goal is for keen teenage students to complete
the Trinity College ATCL Performer's Diploma
(a first year university qualification) in year 13.

For an interview contact Voice and Peformance.

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