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Voice training

Develop your vocal dynamic for all your speaking engagements.

Be heard and sound confident for all your presentations.

Learn safe and effective voice production techniques.


Audio exercises will support your practice.

Contact Diane for training.


Alternatively, foundation Voice and Performance Warm-up and Maintenance videos can be purchased from the shop.

Clear Speech training

Shape your words with precision to improve your speech clarity.

Be understood the first time for all your presentations.  

Ideal for those with 'diction affliction' and for speakers of other languages who wish to improve their English.

Challenge yourself with speech and brain gym exercises. 

Hard copy and audios will support your practice.


Contact Diane for training.

Alternatively, try the speech exercises on the Voice and Performance Warm-up and Maintenance Videos which can be
purchased from the shop

Clear Speech Coaching

Presentation training

Develop your presentation skills through the art of
Voice and Performance. 

Communication = 93% How you deliver + 7% What you deliver.

Voice and Performance training focuses on the how.

Public speaking is the second most feared thing in life besides death.


Learn how to deal with any fear and give a sensory
and energized performance.

Discover your effective speaking style.

Develop awareness and use of appropriate body signals and
establish rapport with your audience.

Learn the art of storytelling to make your presentations memorable.

Experiment with performance techniques to establish qualities
to suit the mood and occasion.

Become a confident and resourceful presenter and ...

Contact Diane for training

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  • Speech and Drama Training

Speech, Drama & Communication training

Speech and Drama helps you master your voice, speech, performance and communication skills through Speech New Zealand and
Trinity College London examinations.   


Drama in its widest context, is known to develop all eight intelligences (kinesthetic, linguistic, spatial, musical, logical, interpersonal, intrapersonal and naturalistic.) 


Speech and Drama classes help you develop valuable skills for life.


Read more on qualification training or contact Diane for training.

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