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Welcome to Voice and Performance.  My mission is to help you become a confident, resourceful and engaging speaker by developing your voice and performance skills. 
I offer a personalized, professional and qualified service.

Zoom training available in voice, effective speaking,

clear speech, accent reduction ... inquire now!

Empower yourself

with voice and performance training


This training is a wonderful journey about so much more than your speaking voice.  It explores your connections to yourself and the outside world, helps you understand how your body and your mind works. You cannot fail to be enriched taking it, and participating in it 100%. 
I would recommend it, and Diane to everyone!

James Renwick, NIWA Scientist (now Victoria University Lecturer)

We can't thank you enough for giving Bart the confidence to become a very good public speaker.  His positive attitude about speaking has spilled over into the rest of his life.  
We were particularly impressed with how he set out two years ago to become a debater culminating in his team's remarkable success.  Watching him participate and win at that level was uplifting and emotional, and we owe that to his courage and your insight and support.  Medical and other professional advice has been ineffective.  
Thank you Diane for changing Bart's life as only you could change it.

Sir Simon William English, Former Prime Minister of New Zealand

Diane Radford Profile

FTCL Trinity College London Fellow (Speech & Drama), Reg EPC NZ Professional, NCB, NZIM Cert in Management,
NLP Master Practitioner, ELTA, Pilates Instructor.

Twice NZ Champion (Toastmasters and Acting).

Over 20 years experience teaching Voice and Performance at tertiary level Drama Schools, Parliament, Academic,
Private Business Sector, Health, Education, Government, Local Government and private coaching.

Contact Diane

  Mobile: +64-21-247-9661

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